The videos below show how I interact with people in a workshop setting and also how I interact with an eagle on my arm.

Following are two videos that summarize my first book (Divine Intervention) and my life (growing up psychic) from birth to 21 years of age. 

“Patricia writes in a way that will ensure you are walking with her every step of her journey towards remembrance. You feel her pain and frustration of being a gifted healer and medium yet find yourself immersed in her triumphs and exaltation of her soul. Patricia has opened her heart and bared her soul so that others may be able to grasp the reality of a multidimensional universe where we are all divinely connected. Patricia takes us into a world where there is no death and shows us that with no true awareness there is no life. This book is not just a story about another medium, this book is a work of art, no different than a canvas full of color waiting to be interpreted by the observer. Nor is this book merely a compilation of events, it is a soon to become classic of a modern day heroine brave enough to be herself in a world that forgot the power of one voice. Through Patricia’s commitment to honor her own truth she is now helping thousands of others to find the power of their own voice.”

Reverend Cherise Thorne
Founder of The Temple Of Knowing Spirit


Eagle video 2

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