Patricia runs a 3 day retreat. You will meditate, and create a greater spiritual awareness to unlock your true potential. Acquire a greater understanding of your spiritual path and the awareness to deal with your life’s journey.
•    Understand Energy, what it is and how to connect to it

•    Learn how to contact your Guide and Angels

•    Meditation

•    Get in tune with yourself

•    Learn how to ground yourself

•    Learn how to clear negative energy

•    Receive spiritual gifts

•    Manifest your destiny

•    Use your inner voice

•    Let go to move forward

This can be your spiritual awakening. Set yourself free on the pathway of spiritual enlightenment. This can open your eyes to the spiritual world around you. This can be life-changing.

We are all spiritual beings and this retreat has been created by Patricia in an environment where people can come to discuss and learn about spirituality and get in touch with themselves and their Angels, Guides, God and their own beliefs.  This is a place where no-one will judge you and no-one is right or wrong. We are all continually learning and moving along the levels of enlightenment.

Come join Patricia for 3 days of spiritual learning, enlightenment and healing.

Cost of the 3 day retreat is £475. This includes lunch and refreshments during the day. It does not include accommodation.

To contact Patricia,



UK callers 07802 543165

International callers 0044(0) 07802 543165

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