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Loss of Faith Final Book Cover

  Patricia’s new book

   “Loss of Faith” is now available on Amazon.



Reflections of the Soul (Patricia’s book of                   poems) is now available online at Amazon.


Divine Intervention Book

Divine Intervention (Patricia’s first book) is now available online at Amazon.

Many books have been written by many authors about Angel Happenings, Out-of-Body experiences, visits to different dimensions etc , over the years. I have read many of them, never quite believing whether they were fact or fiction.

Having read Patricia’s book “Divine Intervention” recently, I know now that her life story is certainly NOT fiction, that all she describes really happened to her and is still happening through her work. Patricia is a renowned Reiki Master who heals through her guides, namely Grey Cloud. I have personally experienced healing with Patricia who, after the healing is finished, tells me where she has been in her mind, whilst working with me. This happens to all her clients. It is so fascinating and I feel personally, that it is an honour to know Patricia. Of course, I believe everything happens for a purpose in this life, and obviously it was my time to meet her in her home in North Cyprus.

She has strenghtened my belief that there are other realms, other beings, – We are not ALONE on this planet! Her knowledge of other beings could not have been gleaned from books – she would have had to experience it – as she has done in the past – the book is the proof. I thoroughly recommend anyone interested in Mind Body and Spirit literature to read this personal fascinating book.

Hazel Russell, Coleraine, N Ireland
6th December 2008


Dear Patricia!

Having read your newly published book I just have to thank you so much. I just couldn’t let go of it before I ended the last page. For me, being myself a writer, it was a real treat to read a well-written and exciting book such as yours. Especially since it took me back into my own childhood that was much like yours. I truly believe that your book can touch many more than just me.

I laughed and was amused at the truth even though things were mostly tragic. But as we who have been tested know (by hard learning), it all counts for the better in the end.

I really recommend this book to everyone, since it touches difficult areas that have been written in ways for normal people to understand. This is a story of a girl who finally made it through and came out on the otherside with her feet in the right position and direction. ‘Divine Intervention’ – the title of the book really suits the tale of her life. There is so much New Age stuff out on the market – your book was a big relief to read. No mumbo jumbo! Just write on the spot!

Conny Larsson
Author of: Behind the Mask of the Clown (a story told of the betrayal of Sathya Sa? Baba)

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